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    Ki Systems is a leading Russian innovative company in the field of high technologies. Company is a developer of IT products for building integrated information systems in the interests of state, municipal and commercial customers

    Field of activity - Production

    Service provided

    Expert search for analysts, PHP developers and technical support specialists with knowledge of the Python programming language

    Project Features

    Specialized analyst knowledge
    Customer’s workflows require BPMN and EPC knowledge from technical support specialists. This requirement is specific to specialists in this field, and greatly complicates the process of selecting candidates.
    Short time
    The customer set a deadline of 2 months


    Result of work

    The Retail Personal team has developed an individual selection program for candidats. As a result, all specialists were selected in 1.5 months.

    The following work has been done:

    • A study of the labor market
    • Were studied the specifics of the work
    • More than 30 targeted interviews were conducted.

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