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    PERGAM is a Russian industrial company producing premium diagnostic equipment, as well as non-destructive testing devices.

    Field of activity - Production

    Service provided

    Expert search for analyst of 1C:ERP system

    Project Features

    Single analyst
    The customer did not want to form a large analytical department. It was necessary to find a specialist who could carry out all the necessary work alone.
    High urgency
    Activities of individual areas were strongly dependent on the search results of candidates and deadlines

    Result of work

    The Retail Personal team studied the list of duties that the analyst specialist would have to do. After that team had carefully worked out the conditions of the job offer. As a result, the specialist was employed after 1.5 months.

    The following work has been done:

    • A study of the labor market
    • Was studied the competitive environment
    • Was involved personal accumulated database of candidates
    • More than 45 targeted interviews were conducted.

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