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    Rocketbank is one of the first Russian virtual banks.

    Field of activity - IT

    Service provided

    Expert search for developers with knowledge of Elixir and Ruby programming languages

    Project Features

    Rare frames
    There are few specialists with knowledge of the Elixir programming language in the labor market. Candidates with relevant knowledge are either already employed or greatly overestimate requirements for employers, which greatly complicates the selection process.
    Short time
    The customer set a deadline of 1 month


    Result of work

    The Retail Personal team studied the labor market situation in this area and developed a unique selection strategy. The main feature was the process of direct interaction with the creator of the programming language Elixir with the aim of getting recommendations on the selection of candidates. As a result of the project, the task was closed in 3 weeks.

    Retail Personal specialists found a specialist in the Far East and were able to work out for him the conditions under which the candidate agreed to move to Moscow.

    The following work has been done:

    • A study of the labor market
    • Built communication with the creator of the programming language Elixir
    • All recruiting channels were used to search for candidates.
    • Was Involved personal accumulated database of candidates
    • More than 20 targeted interviews were conducted.../

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