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    Velcom is a Russian company producing meat products under the same brand name at its own meat processing plant

    Business profile - Manufacture

    Service provided

    "Executive Search" in the selection of IT Director

    Project Features

    Strict compliance
    The customer put forward strict requirements that must be met by the IT Director. Important components of these requirements were mandatory experience in a meat prducing plant and proven experience in implementing IT projects at the same plant.
    The lack of specialized knowledge of the customer
    The Retail Personal team had to independently check candidates for the necessary level of competence in the IT field, because the customer did not have the proper competencies to track this indicator
    Short time
    The customer set a deadline of 2 months


    Result of work

    After examining all the details of customer requirements and carefully working out the motivation for candidates, the Retail Personal team found a specialist in 1.5 months.

    The following work has been done:

    • A study of the labor market
    • Was built a system for checking candidates for compliance with customer requirements
    • All recruiting channels were used to search for candidates.
    • Involved personal accumulated database of candidates
    • More than 50 targeted interviews were conducted.

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